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About Us

When a relationship breaks down it is often a time of stress and transition. We believe that many families would benefit from an approach that enables them to take control of the process and provides them with support throughout, avoiding the traditional adversarial approach which can have the tendency to polarise those involved at an already difficult time.

Collaborative Family Law is a flexible process which enables you to reach a tailor made solution for your family with dignity. It requires a commitment to avoid litigation and to focus on resolving disputes in a constructive way so as to achieve a fair and equitable settlement that is right for the whole family.

Each party has a solicitor who is there to support and advise you throughout a series of 4-way meetings within which information will be shared and negotiations will take place. When appropriate we will invite financial experts or family consultants, who can help manage the emotional side of the separation, to meetings to ensure you have all of the help and guidance you require. Everyone in attendance at the meeting will work as a team to help you achieve the right outcome for you and your family. The emphasis is on transparency and cooperation, to help you formulate a practical plan that will help your family move on in the best way possible. Everyone commits in writing not to go to court, so both parties and their solicitors have a strong incentive to reach a resolution, even if things get difficult.

The solicitors in the Worthing POD have all been specially trained as Collaborative Lawyers by Resolution, the national organisation of family lawyers committed to taking a constructive and conciliatory approach to family law issues. Our experts have been invited to join our POD as they are all accustomed to working within the Collaborative process.